Jim Hensel

Jim Hensel is an author, speaker, and CrossFit Masters Athlete. 

A former collegiate athlete and Director of Player Development at multiple college football programs, Jim went on to create a curriculum that is now used in a state university syllabus as well as in mentoring high-performance athletes, including world champion MMA fighters and CrossFit athletes including 8x champion, Rich Froning.

As a mindset and culture coach, he is the creator of Mayhem Mindset and works with CEO’s, professional athletes, and high-performance entrepreneurs to help individuals get clear on their calling, find significance and codify their core values.

His message can be heard worldwide as both the co-host of the Froning and Friends podcasts and as an international voice speaking to thousands of people all over the world about becoming the person you were created to be.



The Question To Answer:

In the biggest moments of opportunity in your life or in your darkest hour, will you be enough? Can you count on yourself, and can others count on you? If everything you rely on was taken from you, and you had to stand alone in front of the world and define yourself, what would you say?