2 Things You Need Before You Can Live Free


Socrates said,"the truly free individual is so, only to the extent of their own self-mastery." If you were lucky enough to be born free, then you must learn how to live inside this freedom. Being free requires you to clearly understand the difference between fact and fiction in your life. Freedom starts with caring about what is truth in your life. 

I believe there are 2 things that precede freedom: knowledge and truth. I think that freedom begins with our own thoughts. If your thought process is not intentional; if your thoughts aren't led by your truths; if they aren't directed by your own heart, mind, and soul, then I don’t believe you can BE truly free.

We understand where you're at. So many other people have been in the same place you are now and found the truth they were looking for by working through the Mayhem Mindset Course. There is freedom for your life if you are willing to purposefully get outside your comfort zone and do the work to define the truth for your life.