Are You A Motivational Junky?


In the culture we live in, there are many great ways to get motivated. There are motivational people to watch, motivating books to read and motivating videos all designed to help us feel good, but I think so much of that motivation gets wasted. We get that emotional bump, we feel motivated and just that quickly we are back looking for the next thing to re-motivate us. I’ve met so many “motivational junkies” looking for that next motivational high to get them through. Do you see the problem here?

To make the most of the motivation, we have to be able to generate our own energy when emotions are not enough. We must develop the ability to produce energy in-spite of how we feel. So to the big question, how do you create the energy you need to power forward when you're not feeling motivated, and your emotions seem to be failing you?

Feeling good gives our lives meaning for sure, and what would life be like without feelings? Love, hate, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. Even if I could, I would not want to live a life without emotion. However, emotion is a fire starter, but it’s not stainable fuel. Our feelings will betray us from time to time.

I believe the answer starts with developing a clear picture of your identity. You’ve got to be doing more than getting yourself motivated, and you need something more substantial to rely on day in and day out than just trying to feel good or feel right.

I believe you must come to the understanding that you need to do the foundational work to develop your identity, organize your beliefs and values and create some tools to process your emotions properly so you can authentically and intentionally point your life at success, winning, purpose and meaning.

If what I’m saying makes some sense to you, then stop and think about it. What are you currently doing to grow besides trying to stay motivated? Are you prepared to make the most of the opportunities in your life, and are you confident you can fight through the hard times we are all sure to face?

Mayhem Mindset is all about living your life with emotion, not because of emotion. Mayhem Mindset is about doing the work to define yourself so you can quickly convert your emotions to energy and take full advantage of being motivated.

Answer these questions:

  1. Are you fully taking advantage of the opportunities in your life?

  2. Are you stuck in the same old negative cycle with no clear way out?

  3. Name the sources of strength in your life.

  4. Take five minutes and write a description of the way a negative emotion seems to sidetrack your life continually.

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Jim Hensel

Mayhem Mindset Coach