First, BE a Better Person


Today people are hungry to talk about living a life that is meaningful and purposeful. While the pursuit of impulsive pleasure is still a cultural focus, so many more people understand we are morally obligated to accept responsibility for our own lives and that living a life of purpose will mean doing more than just the things we like.

Developing a vision for your life starts by deciding to become a better man or women, to mature and grow as a person. If you are willing to take a hard look at your life and gain a new perspective then you will assuredly uncover your fundamental strengths. This process of self-development will require you to spend some quality time defining yourself while getting your life in order, so you can count on yourself and be counted on by the people that rely on you.

In order to move forward through the adversity life will throw at you, it’s imperative to build a foundation of strength that will allow you to meet those challenges. Becoming 100% of the person you are capable of BEing will mean that you are good at controlling your emotions. Reaching your potential will mean that you are capable of making the most important choices and decisions in your life based on what you truly believe and not solely on feelings. I wouldn’t want to live a life without emotion and the meaning feelings bring to our lives. With that said, how many times have your feelings betrayed you and you made a choice or a decision based on that emotion and wished you could take it back?

The perspective that will move your life forward toward meaning and purpose will require you to do the work to define yourself and develop practical mindset tools to put what you believe into action. How many more opportunities will you miss before you decide to do the work to grow? How many more tough times will leave you spinning searching for a way out? So you ask, where do I start? First, BE a better person.

Strength and Honor

Jim Hensel