If It Doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You…


We all have weakness, mentally, physically or emotionally that stand in the way of greatness in our lives. The fact of the matter is you can only push yourself so hard and so far before your weaknesses keep you from the changes you seek. If you wish to reach your potential, you will need to challenge yourself and be challenged by others. How you respond in that moment of challenge separates good from great.

As an individual or a member of a team/organization, we have to be coachable and submit our talent and allow ourselves to be shaped and molded. Whatever our limitations, they must be challenged in order to change. Some of us are blessed with extraordinary physical talent but lack self discipline, that must be challenged for positive change. Some of us lack the natural physical ability to be great, you must be challenged to overcome those deficiencies. Others bring emotional scars that will limit greatness.

At some point being challenged is key to moving past our limitations. As we mature, we must recognizes our weaknesses and choose to put ourselves in a position to be coached. A coach isn’t necessarily a better person than you are, they just have a different perspective. Embrace the moment of challenge in your life, be coachable and go from good to great!

Strength and Honor
Jim Hensel