The Mayhem Mindset Game Starts With The Principle of BE


The Mayhem Mindset game starts with the Principle of BE.

First, focus on the kind of person you were created to BE before choosing what to DO with your life. Knowing who you BE starts with defining yourself, understanding and organizing your values and talents then developing some personal philosophy that points you at purpose in your life. The Principle of BE is also about connecting your emotions to your values in order to keep your life on track regardless of how you might happen to feel. Your values are supposed to be like a filter connected to the emotions that give your life meaning. Your values are supposed to keep you aimed at your truth when your emotions betray you from time to time.

For example, if you believe in a value like patience, then you should be able to BE patient in a room full of impatient people. Your values must be authentic and developed into the mindset tools you use in the moments when your truth hurts and you must BE able to generate the energy necessary to stand by what you said you believe.

Strength and Honor
Jim Hensel