The Difference Between Perfection and Excellence

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What’s the difference between perfection and excellence to you? For me, I’ve always been my own worst critic. The pressure I put on myself to be perfect and not make mistakes eventually wore me down and frustrated me. As I matured and gained perspective I realized that what I learned from my mistakes was valuable. I adopted the pursuit of excellence as a foundational truth in my life and made it part of my code. The pursuit of excellence leaves room for mistakes but demands that I correct those mistakes and not make them again. Excellence is a foundational truth and core value I aim at every day.

What code do you live by?

Can you name 10 core values you use to guide your life?

If you can’t answer those questions quickly and concisely, then chances are you are missing out on lasting purpose in your life. The Mayhem Mindset online course is designed to walk you through a process that will help you define yourself, organize your beliefs and values then write your own code to live by.