Fighting the Fear In Your Life


Dragons only exist in fairytales just as fear only exists in the stories we make up. Fear is a mental response to a perceived danger or threat. Fear is not real, it’s made up in our minds. However, danger is very real and we need to assess it and respond appropriately. 

Fear is a manufactured emotion based on something that might happen. Think about it, most of what we are afraid of never actually happens in our lives but we suffer the mental and emotional consequences anyway. Fear lives in the future. There can be so much clutter in our minds, that it becomes hard to distinguish between danger and fear. The best mental tool I have to fight fear is BEing Present. For me, I must capture my emotions and only allow myself to think and react based on what is happening in the Present

Even in high-pressure situations, you are capable of handling what’s in front of you when you limit your thoughts and emotions to what you’re dealing with right now. I’m not talking about sticking your head in the sand and ignoring life‘s problems or failing to plan for the future, but I am talking about fighting the fear in your life.

Stop for a second and think, are you really in danger or are you just afraid?

Strength and Honor

Jim Hensel