Give Up The First Thought That Something Is Wrong


Making a positive transformation in our lives starts with our thoughts. Our minds can be a chaotic place where thoughts can sneak in and out and rob us of our ability to be present and positive.

Here is an exercise you can try: Give up the first thought that something is wrong

It can be easy to give in to our emotions and get lost contemplating and rehearsing a response or reaction to a problem that actually never materializes. So many times we allow our mind to get stuck in negative imaginations and fear instead of at least being present or even intentionally having an outlook that is hopeful and positive.

Try taking that first negative thought captive. Replace the negative thought with a positive value that you believe in. For example, instead of worry, BE hopeful. Control your angry thoughts and use that anger as energy to move forward and get something positive done.

Define yourself, identify a positive value you believe in to replace the negative emotions that seem to get the best of you. Because we are human we are hard-wired to feel first. However, we also have the ability to be in control of our thoughts. Be intentional as you approach the people and the circumstances of your life today. Give up the first thought that something is wrong.

Strength and Honor

Jim Hensel