It's Time To Grow


Sometimes people choose to stay an undeveloped person. Becoming more competent can be intimidating. The understanding that becoming a better person means facing adversity can be difficult to embrace. Many people simply will not choose to be uncomfortable and grow. Some people intentionally fill up their lives or even create chaos in order to avoid the adversity and the challenge it takes to really move forward. It’s human nature to get complacent.

Becoming 100% of the person you were created to BE will require you to work hard and face adversity. Adversity is one of the key ingredients in living a life full of purpose and makes the quest to reach your potential meaningful. The realization that your headed somewhere better than where you are now is directly related to your willingness to face adversity and is crucial to self-development. Ideally, we should always be looking to improve and replace the good things in our lives with something better.

Are you growing? Are you unclear about what to do next in your life? Can you imagine what you could become if you intentionally faced the adversity it takes to improve? We have all been there! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

With Strength and Honor

Jim Hensel