Master the Language of Your Life


When we get tired we will struggle to execute especially at skills we haven’t mastered. This picture of me is a great example. It’s the end of a workout and I have somehow gone to a strict press instead of a push jerk. I was frustrated when I saw the picture. I know how to push jerk, I understand it’s a more efficient way to move the weight. At that moment, under stress and fatigue, my body unconsciously reverted when my mind failed to clearly tell it what to do. I ended up two reps short of what I needed and those were reps I was physically capable of achieving.

Living life is the same. When we face adversity and our emotions are high we begin to make choices and decisions primarily with our feelings instead of acting from the beliefs we value the most. We can revert to old patterns that are based on momentum and environment instead capturing our emotions and thinking and acting clearly based on our truths. So many times we suddenly “wake up” and wonder what the hell happened. Define yourself! You must master and practice the language of your life so your mind knows what to do under the stress of a great opportunity or adversity.