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2 Things You Need Before You Can Live Free

Socrates said,"the truly free individual is so, only to the extent of their own self-mastery." If you were lucky enough to be born free, then you must learn how to live inside this freedom. Being free requires you to clearly understand the difference between fact and fiction in your life. Freedom starts with caring about what is truth in your life. 

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If It Doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You…

We all have weakness, mentally, physically or emotionally that stand in the way of greatness in our lives. The fact of the matter is you can only push yourself so hard and so far before your weaknesses keep you from the changes you seek. If you wish to reach your potential, you will need to challenge yourself and be challenged by others. How you respond in that moment of challenge separates good from great.

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The Difference Between Perfection and Excellence

What’s the difference between Perfection and Excellence to you? For me I’ve always been my own worst critic. The pressure I put on myself to be perfect and not make mistakes eventually wore me down and frustrated me. As I matured and gained perspective I realized that what I learned from my mistakes was valuable.

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