Turning Chaos Into Order


Dr. Jordan B. Peterson said, “fundamentally life is about turning chaos into order.” I thought with every workout you pit the chaos in your mind against your body and what it can do. When you finish the workout it brings an understanding of accomplishment, experience and discipline or order to your mind.  Same with our diet and our health. We are always working to answer the chaotic questions of what we should be eating and doing to make our body perform the best. We battle chaotic thoughts that we “aren’t good enough” in some way. Being willing to go face to face with those chaotic lies work past them and move toward our truth, it brings order to our mind and heart.

Living by a schedule removes chaos and brings the order we need to accomplish our goals. Balancing your bank account no matter how much is in it puts the leash on the chaos worry and fear that’s been leading you around. At least you know where you stand and that's a stronger position than the chaotic shaky ground of denial.

Living with purpose and feeling the way we want to is accomplished in part by bringing more order to our lives. Obviously is easier said than done but it’s still true. The momentum that our lives generate and the environment we choose for our lives will have a lot to say about how hard it will be to bring order to the chaos and how much of our potential we will eventually realize. Move!

Where and what can you do today to bring more order to your life? What can you do for someone else to bring more order in their life?