Change the way you talk.
Gain new perspective.
Transform your life.

In order to find success through the Mayhem Mindset course, you have to treat it like playing a game. Just like any other game, there are unique definitions for some words in this game. In order to be productive you must navigate through the process while understanding the language of the game:

Your "BE" 

your Values, Talents and Purpose

Lost in the Matrix

when your out of control emotions keep you from making choices based on what you really believe


define your heart

identify the places where you move the truth in your life



to consider, then pick in spite of options or emotions, based on your values


to select based on options and emotions, based on how you feel.


BEing, existing, right action occurring at this time based on your code


impulsive careless action based on emotion



I Am

your personal purpose statement for your life

I Believe

your list of core values for your life

I Will

your personal mission statement for your life

The Question To Answer:

In the biggest moments of opportunity in your life or in your darkest hours, will you be enough? Can you count on yourself, and can others count on you? If everything you rely on was taken from you, and you had to stand alone in front of the world and define yourself, what would you say?