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I am a professional at helping others define themselves. The Mayhem Mindset Course is based on my personal quest to find purpose and write a code for my life. I call myself a pro at this game because I created it. I am an athlete development and culture coach. I am a Crossfit Masters athlete who realized that the most purposeful success I had experienced in my life and in competition came after I shifted my motivation and mindset from being solely focused on success and winning. I have partnered with other athletes, coaches, and professionals who share my belief that success, happiness, and winning are a byproduct of living our talents, values and purpose each day. We live and compete from a clear understanding of our truth as our guide; we live and compete from our code.

Mayhem Mindset is an 10-week online course consisting of audio and visual content along with a companion workbook.  Participants face 11 mental challenges designed to help you create practical mindset tools to use in your life all while defining yourself and writing language that will form your personal code at the end of the process.  Mayhem Mindset is about defining yourself, clearly understanding what the truth is in your life than organizing your core values and deciding what your purpose is. With those answers in hand, you will be prepared to daily aim at those truths and use those truths to understand what to do next in your life.



  • Jim speaks to groups of 15 - 15,000 about defining themselves and creating personal philosophy, vision, and purpose. Reach out and see if his message is a fit for you and your organization. CLICK HERE


  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Building Business and Team Culture

  • Developing your Athlete Identity and Enhancing Sports Performance  

  • Navigating Transitions in Life

  • Legacy Building

  • Career Development

  • Spiritual Growth